Sculptures From Nature

This Gallery includes my entry into sculpture furniture. The scultpure below is installed in a glass/wood case that can serve as a night stand or end table in your living room. The mirrored base reflects the dynamic colors and shapes.


This sculpture represents nature's forces in a wild array of colors and forms. In this case, I created three tornado funnel clouds surrounding a lone tree. The effect is a play on the many things that get caught up in such energy forces. It includes collected and painted insects, mushrooms and fungi, metal flakes, etc. all swirling up the vortex of force fields, each of which is crowned with distinct objects.

"Spectrum Forces"(2 views)

The sculpture is in a 26.5" (h) X 16" (w) X 13" (d) glass panel/oak wood case on non-marring feet. (Please see below).

Price: $1450.00

Other views